% of recommend daily amount for an average adult based on a 95g portion of bananas

18% Vitamin B6

For your immune system, brain and blood health, reduces tiredness and fatigue and supports healthy hair

13% Thiamin (B1)

Contributes to your heart function, energy creation and the maintenance your mental and emotional state

12% Manganese

Contributes to protecting your cells from damage and is important for healthy bone, connective tissue and energy creation

9% Potassium 

Keeps your nervous system functioning properly, your muscles strong and healthy and your blood pressure normal.

9% Vitamin C

Protects your cells, supports your immune system, contributes to your skin, blood vessels, bones and organs and reduces tiredness and fatigue

8% Magnesium

Contributes to your energy needs, reduces tiredness and fatigue, helps to promote good psychological health and contributes to healthy muscles. bones and teeth

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