The Health Benefits of Green Peppers

 A 70g portion of grilled green peppers will give you: 

64% Vitamin C of your RDA

Which protects your cells, supports your immune system, contributes to your skin, blood vessels, bones and organs and reduces tiredness and fatigue

13% Vitamin B6 of your RDA

Which is good for your immune system, brain and blood health, reduces tiredness and fatigue and supports healthy hair

6% Vitamin K of your RDA

Which is essential for blood clotting and plays a key role in your bone health, there are two types of vitamin K, K1 and K2

5% of Fibre/Fiber of your RDA

Which is for a healthy gut, protects your heart and may arrest the development of diabetes

4% of Folate (B9) of your RDA

Which contributes to the maintenance of your mental and emotional state, your cell creation, and promotes normal pregnancy

*RDA (Recommended Daily Amount)based on an average adult 

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